My personal life is what gives me the greatest happiness. Starting with my husband  Mike Walton. We have a lot of fun together, specially when working on IMAGO projects and traveling all over the world!

I also enjoy the gift of music that my family has brought to my life. My brother  Mauricio Guerrero, a 6 time Grammy winner, and the rest of his family Mauricio Guerrero Jr., Ezra Lewis and Leyla Hoyle  are all talented musicians in their own right. Carmen, my sister, is a teacher in Colegio Republica de Siria in Santiago, Chile and Juan Pablo, my youngest brother, a Human Resources Manager.

The Walton side brings us the arts in all its other dimensions: painting, film making, dance and arts for young people.

Tom Walton is a figurative painter trained in RISD and the Pennsylvania Academy of Art. His wife Laura Velez is also an artist. They both worked at the Mural Arts program in Philadelphia for several years. Tom teaches at the South Eastern Louisiana University.

Ellie Walton is a film-maker and educator. She directs and produces documentaries with communities across Washington D.C. and is a recipient of the 2011 Mayor’s Art Award. Recently, she spent nine months in India as a Fulbright Scholar, working with adolescent girls in Gujarat on her film “Brave Girls”.

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