Other Passions

In addition to economics my passion is to work with people who have decided to go through a transformation in their lives. In my thirties, after training and working as an economist, I discovered the powerful impact that psychoanalysis had in my life. I was able to change things that I didn’t like in myself and work to discover my true voice. It was such a wonderful journey that I decided to train as a psychoanalyst. It took over a year to get accepted in the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute, another two years to get a waiver so I could become a psychoanalyst in the US and finally 5 years of courses and another few years of clinical work to finally become an analyst.

I was planning to become a full time therapist after retiring from the World Bank, but life had other plans for me and now I use what I learned on leadership training and coaching. Understanding the power of the unconscious and the magical world of dreams and fantasies is always a rich source for the work I do today at IMAGO.

I also love painting, photography, music, street art, poems and science fiction stories. Many of the pictures in this as well as IMAGO’s website are mine, I have been taking pictures as long as I can remember… and now abstract painting with the wonderful Mira Hecht at the Corcoran, one of the best teachers I have ever had. The arts are for me a celebration of life and as Bono says : “Art is an attempt to feel the void, the God shaped hole”.

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