I have been working on economic development all my professional life as a way to improve the world we live in. First from the top down, at the World Bank. Now from academia (Harvard Kennedy School and MIT) and from the base of the pyramid looking to scale up innovations.

I work through IMAGO Global Grassroots to help outstanding  grassroots and social entrepreneurs co-create the preconditions for scaling up and help community based social enterprises prepare to absorb the resources needed to grow exponentially. My dream is that one day there will be many more organizations like IMAGO, working hand in hand with the amazing organizations around the world so they can reach their unique potential, become sustainable and change the way we think about development.



Philanthropic Winds of Change . . .

Two important lessons that Philanthropy seems to be taking to heart By Isabel Guerrero and Faizal Karmali In November, the Rockefeller Foundation announced the launch of Co-Impact, a collaborative systems change and scaling effort engaging large philanthropists around the world. Names alongside Rockefeller include Gates, Skoll, Wadhwani, Chandler and Nilekhani – and these are apparently just the beginning of …

¿América Latina está preparada para el tsunami tecnológico que ya llegó?

POR ISABEL GUERRERO Y SANDRA NARANJO El ritmo de innovación tecnológica se mueve en forma geométrica y cuando menos lo esperemos, estaremos viviendo en el mundo de los supersónico. Autos que no necesitan conductores, robots que obedecen nuestras órdenes sobre que música queremos escuchar o que comida queremos pedir. Los ejemplos abundan entre nosotros. Google acaba de lanzar …

Who should pay for maternity leave?

This was the question last March on CNN-Dinero.  The facts are shocking. The US is the only OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) country that doesn’t have paid maternity leave – joining Togo, Suriname and other small islands that are nowhere near as developed as the US. In my interview with CNN-Dinero’s Xavier Serbiá, I argued …